Nintendo LABO

Hey everyone!

I recently got a Nintendo LABO, thanks to my aunt and uncle! I know it doesn’t seem like much but when you look inside… there is a bunch of adventures, stuff to build and program.

I recently built the RC-car! It was really cool! Watch the video here on my youtube channel!


My review of Paris

I got to Paris from London by riding a bullet train. The best thing about the train ride, other than watching the countryside? Playing games on the iPhone of course!

When I first got out of the train to Paris I could see the Eiffel tower in the distance.

The people who went to Paris with me was my aunt, dad, mom and sister. We stayed at a nice hotel that can fit all of us in one hotel room! When we arrived we decided to go walking around Paris. After a while I got tired. We saw an amazing bakery with delicious macarons. I got to try them and the macaroons were so yummy!

Afterwards we went to the Louvre  Museum and saw the Mona Lisa!








I also got to see Notre-Dame Cathedral

and Disneyland Paris!