Spring break

Spring break was really fun! I went to Hong Kong and Macau. I will tell you about my spring break in another post. For now Tell me about your spring break in the comments below!

My trip to New York City!

Taking the ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty!
Visiting the only Nintendo store in the USA, next to 30 Rockefeller Center
We walked from Times Square to Radio City and 30 Rock!
I got to visit Trinity Church and see where Alexander Hamilton was buried! Super excited since I love the musical Hamilton!
My dad took me to see Wicked on Broadway! This was my first time and I didn’t know what it was about. It’s the story of what happened in Oz before Dorothy showed up. My favorite song from Wicked was “Dancing Through Life”
I got to do some exploring and climbing with my sister in Central Park. My dad told me the story of the Beatles and John Lennon. We saw strawberry field memorial to John. “Imagine all the people…. living life in peace…”
Our final night in New York, my dad and I went ice skating in central park. It was cold, but fun. I was scared of falling since it has been awhile since I ice skated, but I was fine once I got on the ice!

My review of London :)

I got to London by airplane! It was a very long flight. We checked in a hotel that was nice but not that nice as the Paris hotel (talking about Paris report). Anyways we went walking towards Big Ben and we stopped by a telephone booth. 

After visiting Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, we went to a High Tea place where we had lots of sweets and a really hot chocolate. 

High Tea (Willy Wonka Chocolate Theme)

Visiting the London Eye
Outside Buckingham Palace. I think the flag on the building means the Queen of England is in Residence?

My review of Paris

I got to Paris from London by riding a bullet train. The best thing about the train ride, other than watching the countryside? Playing games on the iPhone of course!

When I first got out of the train to Paris I could see the Eiffel tower in the distance.

The people who went to Paris with me was my aunt, dad, mom and sister. We stayed at a nice hotel that can fit all of us in one hotel room! When we arrived we decided to go walking around Paris. After a while I got tired. We saw an amazing bakery with delicious macarons. I got to try them and the macaroons were so yummy!

Afterwards we went to the Louvre  Museum and saw the Mona Lisa!








I also got to see Notre-Dame Cathedral

and Disneyland Paris!